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Hyra sustainability

Helping our customers accelerate the transition to Net Zero

From urgency to action

Enormous headway has been made to make plant and equipment more sustainable across construction, infrastructure, civils, transport and events. With low emissions targets and a drive to Net Zero at the top of everyone’s To Do lists on an international, national and local level, it’s more important than ever to make wise choices with the kit we use.

Inherently plant hire and equipment sharing are more sustainable than outright ownership. Further impact can be made by consciously choosing kit with the environment in mind, and by operating more sustainably. At Hyra, we have a wealth of experience and product knowledge that enable us to offer you greener choices for your projects across your sites. We will do this through:

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Asset innovation

In an age of record-breaking product development and change, we will bring sustainability pioneers with greener solutions to the fore.

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By understanding your projects, we will help you make environmentally conscious choices that work.

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Total costs include more than hire. We demonstrate the real costs of alternative kit (hire and running costs) versus the incumbent products.

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Embracing innovations such as telematics and machine control to hire less, or perform less activity which, in turn, reduces carbon emissions.

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By modelling carbon emissions for the different equipment options, more environmentally sound choices can be made.

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#1 Sustainability

If you want operate at the leading-edge of sustainable plant hire, let us help you break through current conventions. 

Switching to greener solutions

The chances are you already know about the plentiful developments out there. Electric plant, HVO fuel, more efficient Stage V plant, battery technology for power generation, solar, telematics, hired fleet management technology, machine control and much more. Let us keep you abreast of the new product innovations. Can they be applied to a site with your specific demands? What is the cost and what carbon gain will your project see? Let the team at Hyra help you. We can make you quick gains and generally without cost. Why not let us go further still by aligning synergies between your objectives and new innovations?  

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Our commitment to decarbonisation

We are committed to leading by example. Informally, our operations are Net Zero for Scope 1 and 2 emissions. Our business model is low carbon by nature as we don’t own plant, we manage supply.


The positive impact we make is two-fold. Firstly, we help clients make environmentally conscious plant and equipment choices. Secondly, we reduce Scope 3 emissions by partnering with supply chain who run their operations more sustainably or supply greener solutions.

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Here are some of the ways we demonstrate our commitment:

  • Embedding environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies into our business and training and upskilling our people

  • Planting a tree for every item hired

  • Working to 100% renewable electricity in all our offices

  • Our travel policy encourages use of public transport and ensures frequent drivers adopt electric cars  and car share where practical

  • Counterbalancing our emissions through high quality carbon offsetting

  • Transparency and working towards verifying our work with an accreditation body such as B Corp or ISO 20400:2017 Sustainable Procurement

  • Keeping up to date with the launch of new, innovative plant and equipment which offer more sustainable solutions

  • Ensuring we work with supply chain who have the same ambition as us

We are a responsible business, fully committed to doing the right thing by our planet. We actively help our clients reduce carbon and achieve their Net Zero goals. As a team we take pride in our product and market knowledge and have a particular interest in sustainable innovations and environmentally conscious operations .

Eric Ogley

CEO, Hyra

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If you are making a conscious decision to work more sustainably, let Hyra help you make greener choices.

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We are re-inventing the plant hire industry. Discover what our bespoke plant hire services can do for you. You will not look back.

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Nationwide Delivery

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Expert Advice

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