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General Data Protection Regulations

As a service provider, in accordance with our information security and data privacy practices as Data Processor, Hyra complies with all applicable data privacy regulations. We are providing the following information in order for users and customers to understand our compliance posture.

Questions and comments can be sent to:

Individual Responsible for GDPR Compliance

Eric Ogley, CEO, Cybersecurity & Data Privacy

Purpose of Processing

Continuous security and compliance monitoring and audit readiness platform which includes security awareness education and compliance workflow management.
Notice regarding the collection and use of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) can be found here: Privacy Policy

Lawful Basis for Collection & Processing

All PII collected and processed within Hyra is in accordance with a Master Services Agreement between Hyra and the Data Controller


Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR)

Requests for data access, modification or deletion may be sent to


Data Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Data Retention

Customer Data, including PII, is securely deleted from Hyra systems within ninety (90) days of service termination or upon customer request.
Hyra controlled PII is deleted in accordance with internal policy, when it no longer has business value, or upon Data Subject request


Data Protection & Information Security

Hyra maintains a comprehensive information security management system to protect and preserve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of Customer Data.

Breach Notification

Any breach of PII will be promptly reported to Customers, Data Subjects and Data Authorities in accordance with our Incident Response Policy and all applicable regulatory requirements.

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Nationwide Delivery

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Expert Advice

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