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All Kent Cooling deliver short duration, time-critical projects with Hyra

“Hyra are the first hire company I’ve found who always say yes! We trust them to get the time-critical transport right consistently and to fit around how we work.”

Dan Price, Director


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Specialist Air Conditioning contractor

Time-critical deliveries and  collections


back office


Profile of equipment used

  • Towers – for use indoor

  • Genie material lifts – for use indoor

  • Scissor lifts – for external use

  • Boom lifts – for external use


All Kent Cooling install, maintain and repair residential and commercial air conditioning systems across the southeast of England and London. Their team are highly experienced and create bespoke solutions for their clients where needed. In some instances, these include heating as well as cooling to achieve even temperatures, critical to some of their more niche clients like medical warehouses and care homes.

Working with Hyra

All Kent Cooling have been working with Hyra from the get-go and are one of our longest-standing customers. We have worked with AKC on various projects, from installation to maintenance jobs, all with diverse parameters and timeframes. For large commercial properties, we have sourced and supplied scissor and boom lifts to enable their teams to access the rooftops to install or fix the external condensers. We have supplied Genie material lifts and towers for use inside buildings where new air conditioning units need lifting into place.

By its very nature, installing air conditioning units is disruptive to clients as the equipment needed is cumbersome and gets in the way of everyday activities. It’s therefore hugely important that in every case, kit is delivered and collected in a timely manner and is not on-site any longer than it’s needed. At Hyra, we understand that precise, yet flexible delivery and collection slots are key to our relationship with All Kent Cooling.

Benefits of working with Hyra

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Hire desk service

Speak to a plant hire expert at every touchpoint. Hyra create bespoke solutions and advise on equipment for each programme.

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Time-critical deliveries
and collections

 Most jobs are quick on/off to minimise disruption.

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“Sometimes we need something now. Hyra can offer us a choice of same day deliveries, or collection from a local depot.”


Quick and simple

“When I finish a job, I tally the costs and close the file ASAP. Products are clearly itemised and invoices accurate."


"Hyra reduced our programme by three weeks."


Ready to start using Hyra for your Plant Hire management?

We sort it. Simple.

Get in touch to see how simple we can make it for you.

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Nationwide Delivery

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Expert Advice

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