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Create a new habit

It’s always a good idea to check the kit you’ve hired when it arrives on-site. Why? Think of it as being a bit like hiring a car – you wouldn’t drive off the forecourt without checking for scrapes and dents in case the hire company try to charge you for damage that was already there. Trust me, it happens!

To help you with the checking process and to make your hires as smooth as possible, we’ve compiled a short checklist to run through each time a new piece of equipment is delivered. Here goes …!

  1. Has the correct equipment been delivered?

  2. Are the required attachments there?

  3. Does the machine work?

  4. Is there any visible damage?

  5. Is the kit clean and presentable?

  6. What are the fuel levels before use?

  7. On a diesel machine, what are the Adblue levels?

It’s also a good idea to take photos of your findings ...

This simple process should alleviate any problems down the line. If anything isn’t as it should be, send photos and log what you’ve found with your supplier. We hope this helps!


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