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Availability of plant is key to the success of every construction and infrastructure project. If the equipment needed isn’t to hand, work cannot be moved to the next phase or completed to programme. The ensuing delays cost time and money, as workers aren’t utilised when planned and not always available once plant is tracked down and the site is set to continue. And so, it spirals downwards …

With construction at a high and new equipment changing the way we work, demand on certain plant is exceeding supply. To make sure you get what you need it’s therefore more important than ever to plan. When you know the stages and phases of your projects, order your kit as well as book in the relevant trades. Without the kit, the tradespeople cannot do their jobs. It’s simple. Running out on the day to find what you need is no longer viable. It’s also ineffective as the supply will have generally been swept up by those who do take the time to forward plan.

So, how do we change habits? How do you ensure availability of equipment when you need it? Here’s a few pointers to help you out:

  • Plan out each of your projects. Be realistic about timeframes for each stage and clearly map out what you need both in terms of manpower and equipment

  • Provisionally book your trades and make sure to ask them the specifics of what plant they need to deliver their package of work

  • Source equipment ahead of time. As soon as you have a project plan, speak to your suppliers to reserve what you need, even if it’s 6 months away

If you forward plan, availability shouldn’t be an issue.

Forward planning should also enable you to:

  • Shop around and get the best prices and the best kit

  • Enable you to try newer, safer, more sustainable tools to do the job

  • Switch on telematics – this will save you money as you off-hire equipment when you are finished, switch off when not in use, and monitor usage of fuel and kit

  • Make equipment available for the next contractor by off-hiring efficiently

  • Complete projects to programme and budget, avoiding any unnecessary hiccups

Of course, not everyone enjoys planning. If this isn’t your thing, there are alternatives out there. Plug into an outsourced hire desk, such as Hyra, to plan and deliver your hires. We will do the ringing around, negotiating and planning for you, making sure you and your teams have what you need to get on with the job, when and where you need it. Get in touch with Hyra today!


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