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With rising material costs and energy costs, it’s been a tough gig for construction businesses to stay afloat and remain profitable in recent times. More than ever before, construction businesses have needed to keep a firm eye on their project costs and watch their spending like hawks, particularly on the few areas where costs remain within their control.


This financial impact has been compounded further by a marked reduction of skilled workers in the market following Brexit. The under-supply of workforce means its more important than ever to retain staff, which of course has its own impact on cost.


With sustainability as the word on everyone’s lips, there’s also a very real pressure to do something and change working practices in the industry. This pressure is perhaps felt more strongly in construction than elsewhere. Although sustainability deserves its place at the top of every ‘To Do’ list, it comes at a cost, with significant planning and implementation time to boot.


So, how do construction firms rise above the rising costs and rising expectations placed upon them, as businesses, employers and world citizens? Here are a few pointers:


  • Careful planning and meticulous management. Companies are right to monitor costs closely and put increased costs into their business plans for materials, energy and workforce. Ultimately it will cost them more in the long run if a project grinds to a halt due to a lack of people or supplies

  • Look at their construction methods and materials, as well as the equipment and fuel being used. Are they the most sustainable and efficient options both during the construction process and for their lifetime?

  • Reduce time spent on sourcing equipment and seeking out the latest developments for sites to operate more sustainably. Use a plug-in hire desk, such as Hyra, to research your needs, educate your team and find your kit quickly and effectively

  • Reduce costs on-site by using telematics available on most modern machines. Use the data given to change working practices: switch off don’t idyll; use multi-purpose kit to hire less; monitor fuel and usage; off-hire as soon as the kit is no longer in use


Ultimately nothing can be done about the rising costs. Businesses therefore need to face them head on and work with them. If they work smartly, they may be able to recoup some costs through use of alternative equipment and fuel and streamlining the equipment on-site. Workforces can also be used more effectively by focusing on their skills and maximising their output. This can be done by leaving the planning and the sourcing of kit to hire desk experts, such as Hyra.


To get on board, call 0333 533 0100, email or click here to find out more about Hyra’s plug-in hire desk solution.


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