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Top 5 Reasons To Get Your Data Straight

Just tell them they will send 20% of their plant back when they receive their first stock-on-hire report.

Are you running a large site or more than one site? Do you have trouble knowing what hired-in plant and equipment you have at each location? Are your Quantity Surveyor, Accounts department and Operations team all joined up? In this article we talk about the power of good data and the benefits of being able to see all your hired plant and equipment in a single place.

Top 5 Reasons To Get Your Data Straight

1. Reduces cost

2. Helps forward plan plant requirements

3. Enables quicker procurement

4. Increases inter-departmental transparency & information sharing

5. Reduces theft & damage

1. Reduces Cost

Cost. It’s the headline grabber. It's the reason that the billion pound plus contractors get their hire desks to compile a single live on-hire report to distribute to their teams. In simple terms, if you can see it, you can manage it. Plant tends to get put to one side, often out of sight and forgotten when it has completed its task. Site managers, construction directors and site quantity surveyors know the construction programme inside out and can easily spot when an activity has finished and when plant can be returned. These stakeholders will typically look at this report on a weekly basis and use it as their guide to off-hire. Site managers tell us that at complex, or multi-site set-ups you can reduce your weekly spend by 20% when you have the help of reports like this.

2. Forward Plan

Plant is usually the last thing on the list to get ordered. By giving visibility of the hired asset fleet to a broader audience, the Management team can ensure plant is ordered in a timely manner. This means no waiting around for plant when it is ordered last minute, and the team can get on with the job. By ordering in advance, you can also go to a greater number of suppliers and have a choice of kit, rather than only one option in their fleet for delivery at 8am tomorrow.

3. Procure Better

In some businesses the process of gaining authorisation can slow the plant order process. This can delay site activity, especially when it is left to the last minute. With 100% data transparency across all business functions, the procurement team can take a different approach to authorising spend. Many leave site to procure plant as they need to and free up their workload. All the checks and balances are in place to ensure that they have gone to the authorised supply chain and paid the right price. It is all in the data set.

4. Increase Inter-Departmental Transparency

We all know that life on-site is fast-paced and people forget to keep other departments informed. With a uniform set of data for all hired plant, all the relevant stakeholders can be kept in the loop. The construction director or manager can be up to speed on site operations, the QS can control project costs and the Accounting team will know what invoices to expect. The Safety team are reassured that sites are not using any equipment which does not comply with the contractors or site safety requirements. For example, to ensure that only cabbed dumpers are used on-site.

5. Reduce Theft and Damage

We all know that kit sitting on the side-lines is prone to damage or theft. Data transparency will mean you send plant back quicker and reduce your bills. Simple as that.


Information is powerful. Regular reporting and good data drive businesses large and small in the right direction. The billion pound plus companies compile and use data and reports to add great value to their businesses. We find that smaller businesses struggle with time and resources to follow their example. In our opinion, this is a missed opportunity. Data enables visibility and communication between various teams and clients. It keeps everyone in the loop and in doing so, reduces error, cuts cost and allows forward planning, again saving money, time and stress whilst increases productivity. What’s not to like? Hyra, as a matter of course, ensure your team have 100% data visibility and bring you many more benefits as part of our bespoke, plug-in hire desk solution.

About Hyra

Hyra are a specialist supplier of every type of plant and equipment. We facilitate hire across diverse sectors from civil engineering, facilities management, events and construction including building; rail; highways; airports; marine; energy; water; environmental infrastructure.

We build our customers bespoke hire desk solutions which give them control and flexibility via one low-cost, easy-to-use plant hire desk. As part of our service, we ensure our customers have 100% data visibility of every asset they have on-hire in a simple to digest format. Our operations and sales team review each customer’s account and stock on-hire every week to ensure it is up to date and to see if we can make any recommendations.

If you would like to see how we deliver our clients value in addition to competitive unit prices, please contact us to discuss how we could help your business.


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