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Chain reaction

What makes supply chain so important and integral to the success of construction, infrastructure, and events projects? It’s a straight-forward needs analysis and delivery, right? If only!

With the ever-increasing diversity of plant and equipment out there coinciding with the equally urgent demands on safety and sustainability requirements, high-quality kit that fits the bill is in demand. Whilst the required equipment is usually available somewhere in the UK, it can be difficult to track down in the location it is needed. This is particularly the case in obscure locations serviced by limited hire companies, or on seasonal equipment when sites have not planned their hires in advance. Think lighting when the clocks go back …

It's therefore hugely important to manage, maintain and nurture supply chain relationships. This, however, is time-consuming, and doesn’t always guarantee delivery of what you need as your requirements and criteria change and you win a job outside of your usual area where your regular suppliers can’t help.

This is where Hyra can step in. As a company, we spent hours nurturing supply chain relationships, so you don’t have to. We are constantly evaluating our supply chain, increasing our contacts, and widening our network, both in terms of geography and type of kit they can provide. We also ensure that our supply chain share the same high ethics on safety and sustainability as ourselves, giving us peace of mind that the equipment we hire from them is of a good standard and meets health and safety and environmental criteria.

Our investment in our supply chain enables us to pass on the benefits we have earnt to our clients. We can offer our customers a one-stop-hire-shop. If they need a diversity of kit unavailable from a single supplier, we ring around to find everything they need, and deliver it to their specific locations. As our suppliers are fully vetted, we know whatever they provide should meet our standards.

Our customers also benefit from Tier 1 buying power. As Hyra provides plant and equipment for multiple companies, our volumes give us access to pricing usually reserved for large-scale businesses. We then pass on these savings, as well as professional advice on the best kit for the job.

In Summary

A robust supply chain network results in access to good quality, well-priced, compliant equipment. Hyra’s nationwide network gives us unrivalled availability across the country and enables us to meet next day delivery requirements, making plant and equipment hire hassle-free for our customers. Why not give us a go for your equipment hires? Tell us what you need at via our contact page.


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Nationwide Delivery

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