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Hybrid Working

Since Covid, the way ‘office’ staff work has changed. A broad sweep of industries have proved that productivity levels can be maintained whilst working from home, with staff benefiting from a better work-life balance with less time spent commuting and more time for sleep, family and friends, and exercise.


Even though the restrictions of the pandemic are becoming a distant memory for many, the expectation of employees to be able to work flexibly remains. This expectation seems to remain alongside a seemingly conflicting rising trend towards time in the office. Engaging directly with colleagues and clients is highly valued once more, and learning through osmosis is particularly important for the younger generation new to the working world, as well as to those changing companies or industries.


With the needs for office space having changed, many companies are downsizing or restructuring their spaces to meet the new requirements. Think hot-desking, breakout areas, zones for brainstorming, coffee bars and gyms. They are making office spaces modern, desirable places to be, bringing in some of the benefits of working from home to maximise productivity and encourage time in the office.


So, what does this mean for the construction industry? Well, it’s good news. This flexibility is our friend. Reconfigured spaces need designing and lots and lots of trades to build and construct, whilst building entirely new properties to meet the new criteria means construction on a large scale. Then, of course, there are the opportunities that arise from the now redundant office spaces. Should they be remodelled to fit modern working, or should permissions be sought for change of purpose to residential property, or hotels or the entertainment industry? Think music venues, cinemas, yoga studios, indoor cricket, football, curling, bowling … the list goes on.


Office spaces are most certainly evolving, but they are not dying yet! They are going through a process of change, and with change comes opportunity, particularly for construction, so embrace it. Embrace too, the opportunity to create something new with the spaces no longer needed for traditional businesses.


To maximise your time bidding, planning, designing and on-site, why not outsource your plant and equipment hire to Hyra? Our expert team are happy to help from project planning stages, so you have everything you need lined up at each stage of your project.  Call 0333 533 0100, email or click here to find out more about Hyra’s plug-in hire desk solution.


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