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Think big

Sometimes it’s important to Think Big to be big. To scale your business, this mindset is key. Large businesses benefit from seemingly endless advantages which perpetuate and continue their growth. Economies of scale, huge buying power and infrastructure, procurement teams, data and analytics, new business teams set up to explore potential areas of growth, market share…the list goes on.

These benefits are no longer the reserve of large businesses. Hyra was set up to bring these very privileges to small and medium-sized companies and combat the supersize business advantage. Here’s how:

Economies of scale

Supersize companies benefit hugely from this. The cost of full-time teams dedicated to specific business functions are diluted across the business and therefore deemed affordable. While it feels luxurious for a small business to have a marketing person, their larger rivals benefit from multiple high-level marketing executives served by marketing teams. The same can be said for a diversity of functions, some business type specific, from procurement and hire, to data, technology, events, PR, social media.

Hyra equips clients to compete in the market by enabling them to plug into our team of experts. Clients gain the additional resource they need for the timeframe they need it, whether that be long term or project specific.

Huge buying power

The top companies secure keen pricing for any plant or equipment they hire due to the volume of business they generate. Their suppliers need their business to survive as they monopolise the market.

Hyra has invested significant time and energy in building a huge network of suppliers across the UK. Our supply chain is diverse and constantly evolving as we build new relationships and reach out to innovators in the market to source new equipment.

Procurement teams

Dedicated teams source equipment for the largest of construction and civil engineering businesses. These teams know plant inside-out and keep abreast of developments and technologies.

The Hyra team know plant. They keep up to the minute on the latest innovations and pass on their expertise to clients, advising on new ways of working and helping clients meet ever-changing criteria, from sustainability to safety.

Leading-edge solutions

Unrivalled budgets and market share traditionally encourage large businesses to lead the way in innovation, in both equipment and methods of working. Large businesses have the capacity and resource to turn new ideas into reality.

The Hyra team innovate. Our market knowledge and industry relationships mean we know what is possible and we thrive on problem solving and building solutions. Tell us your aspirations, and we will help you deliver them.

Data and analytics

Data is hot currency right now and with good reason. It enables strategic decisions to be made based on solid evidence. Large businesses have swathes of analysts who collate data and put strategies in place to shape the business accordingly.

Hyra values data and advocates the increased use of telematics in plant and equipment. We know the benefits are far reaching and have a positive impact on safety, efficiency and sustainability. We actively encourage and educate clients on the use of telematics on their sites and create bespoke solutions to meet their site needs.

Market Share

Supersize companies, by their very nature, have huge market share. Their businesses have the infrastructure in place to sustain and grow. Smaller companies can feel inadequate and ill-equipped to compete…until now!

Hyra enables companies to scale and flex-up to compete. By using our experts and outsourcing plant and equipment hire to us, clients free up time to get on with what they are good at. Hyra enables them to plug into an expert hire desk, established supply chain relationships and competitive buying power, and gain plant knowledge and expertise. We arm clients to compete in the marketplace.


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